Monday, August 11, 2014

Checking Java Versions Remotely

This is the script I use to find instances of Java, on the servers I manage. To do this I use two scripts, check-java and stig-java. The check-java script logs in to each server listed in the server-list file and acts  as the control for the other script. The check-java script also combines the output of the stig-java script from each server and combines the output into a single file. The stig-java script looks for Java on the servers and sends the output to a file.

I order for this script to work you will need to setup your SSH clients for auto login. If you don't know how to do this please refer to my post How to setup SSH Keys. This script doesn't needs the automount in order to work.

What the scripts do.
First off you need to put both script in the same location. Put the scripts in your home directory in a folder called scripts. The main script, check-java copies the stig-java script to /tmp on all the servers. Then logs into all the servers, one at a time, and runs the stig-java script and sends the output to a file with the servers name. The check-java script then deletes stig-java form /tmp on all the servers. All those output files are then combined into a single file with extra lines removed.

The check-java script
# This script is for running the stig-java script on the servers.

for s in `cat  server-list`
scp stig-java $s:/tmp 2>&1 2>/dev/null
ssh -q $s /tmp/stig-java &> ~/scripts/outputJ/$s
ssh -q $s rm /tmp/stig-java
cat ~/scripts/outputJ/* |egrep -v '(Runtime|HotSpot)' > ~/scripts/outputJ/solM

# Finishing up
echo -e "\e[1m ------------------------ Servers -------------------------  \033[0m" > ~/scripts/outputJ/output
echo -e " "
cat ~/scripts/outputJ/solM >> ~/scripts/outputJ/output
more ~/scripts/outputJ/output

The stig-java script
# This script is for finding versions of Java on a server.
echo -e "\e[1m <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< $host >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>\033[0m "
sudo find / \( -name 10_Recommended* -o -name scratch -o -name zones -o -name mnt  \) -prune -o -type f -name java -print 2>/dev/null >/tmp/joutput
for s in `cat /tmp/joutput`
do echo -e "\e[1m  $s \033[0m "
sudo $s -version
echo -e " "
rm /tmp/joutput

Let me know if this script is helpful in anyway. If you need more details or have questions let me know, by posting below.