Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Replace drives on a StoreEdge 6130 & 6140

These are my notes on how to replace a hard drive for a StorEdge 6130 and 6140.

Add disk space from 6130 or 6140 array (host initiator already exists)
1.      Log onto the host and note the existing disks with “format”.
2.      Log onto the StorageTek Common Array Manager via web browser.  URL – https://server:6789   root login.
3.      Expand the 6130 or 6140 array, based on the system requiring space.
4.      Click on the Volumes tab and click on New.
5.      Select the Storage Pool. Click Next.
6.      Select “Storage Selected Automatically by CAM”
7.      Name the new volume and complete the Size section as needed.  Click Next.
8.      Select “Map to an Existing Host/Host Group or the Default Storage Domain.  Click Next.
9.      Select the host.  Click Next.
10.  Review the information.  Click Finish.  Configuration will take a minute or two.
11.  Repeat step 4 thru 10, if additional disk space is required.
12.  Log onto the host and note the existing disks.
13.  If the newly created disk(s) are not listed, run “devfsadm” or “cfgadm –al”.
14.  Create a new zpool with “zpool create  
15.  Create a filesystem on the new zpool with  “zfs create /file system”
16.  Set a mount point for the new file system “zfs set mountpoint=