Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Download Java in MOS

Oracle offers patches for their software products through My Oracle Support (MOS). The issue is the way Oracle handles Java patches. If you don't have a software contact, then Oracle will not let you directly download the latest Java patch. This can be extremely frustrating, given the fact that the patch is part of both the CPU patchset and 10 Recommend patchset, for Solaris 10. Also if you have a Premier Hardware Support contract, then you get software support for the Solaris operating system. So why Oracle makes it hard is beyond me.

If you don't have a Software support contract then you can't download Java as a Java patch. You can however download a Java patch as system patch. It is actually the same patch ether way. So what matters is the approach you use to get the patch. Follow the steps below to download the latest Java patch as a system patch.

Fig. 1 - Patch Search
1) Login  to MOS.

2) Go to the Patches and Upgrade tab.

3) Choose the Product or Family (Advanced).
At this point you should be at figure 1.

Fig. 2 - Example of processor types
4) For the Product field input Solaris Operating System.

5) For the Release drop down menu. Pick the Solaris Operating system version you need.
Look at figure 2 as an example.

6) For the next drop down choose Platform.

Fig. 3 - Example of finished search fields
7) For the next drop down pick the Solaris Operating system processor  type you need.

8) Then choose Description.

9) type in javase in the last box.

10) Check the Exclude Superseded patches

At this point your search should look like figure 3.

I hope this helps you out.
You can also use this method to download other patches form Oracle such as OpenSSL.
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