Friday, November 8, 2013

Firefox won't run

This is quick fix for getting Firefox to run, when it says it is already running. How this only seems to happen if you have your home directory mounted across all your computers. The picture below is the error you normally get when your have this problem.

One way to fix this is to delete the lock file.
root@earth> rm ~/.mozzilla/firefox/*.default/lock

You can also use profiles to get past this error. I would suggest you create a different profile for each computer you use Firefox on. Run the command below to get the Pop-up GUI for selecting the profile, as show below. From here you can create a profile to use, if you need one.

root@earth> firefox -p

If you already have profile, then run the command firefox -p with the profiles name at the end.
root@earth> firefox -p profilename

Please feel free to add an comments below If I have missed something.