Thursday, September 6, 2012

Use sudo without a password

These are my notes for setting up users so they can use sudo without a password. This how-to is for a system that already has sudo installed on a server. Basically what I'm doing here, is giving a group the ability to use sudo without a password and then assigning users to that group.

To edit the sudoers file, use the command below.
# visudo

Add the following line.
In this example the sysadmin group can now sudo without needing to use a password, but any group can be used.

Note - I use the sysadmin group for Solaris and the wheel group for RHEL & SLES.

Add the user rich to the sysadmin group.
# usermod -G sysadmin man
The -G option adds the user man to the sysadmin group. If you use -g instead the sysadmin group will be added as the primary group.

Following the steps above should now give access to sudo without needing to enter a password. If you have any questions or comments please post below.

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