Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to replace a drive in a SUN ZFS Unified Storage Appliance 7210 system

These are my notes on how to replace a hard drive in a 7210. This unit is different then most NAS, RAID or SAN devices because, the hard drives are accessed from the top of the unit rather then the front.

The hard drive can be  swapped without the need to power down the unit.
Make sure you mind the cables as you slide the unit out.
If setup, the device has a web interface that can be used to check the system.

1) Remove the access cover
2) Identify the drive to be replaced by looking at the LEDs. The amber fault-LED and/or blue ready to remove and service LED should be lit.
3) Remove the drive, by lifting up on the metal latch and pulling up.
4) Install the replacement drive. Unlatch the metal latch and slide the drive slowly into the slot, until the is fully inserted into the backplane connector. Lock the drive in place with the metal latch.
5) Replace the access cover.

If you look at the web GUI after you replace the drive, you should see the drive saying it is resilvering. Be patient.

I hope this helps someone out.