Thursday, September 27, 2012

Forwarding Display

These are my notes on how to forward a display on a UNIX based operating system.

For this example we will useing the names home & remote for our servers. Home is the starting sever and remote is the server your logging into and displaying the app back to the home server. rich@home# ssh -X remote Can also use -Y instead of -X. This is more secure then the method described below.

Some work places don't allow X forwarding so you have to use the DISPLAY variable. rich@home# xhost + remote
server2 being added to access control list
rich@home# echo $DISPLAY
rich@home# ssh remote
rich@remote# export DISPLAY=home:1.0
At this point you can now forward your display. Export DISPLAY works with BASH and KSH. Use setenv DISPLAY for CSH. Take a note of the fact that this 2nd way of forwarding your display is insecure. 

How to export display from Linux to FreeBSD