Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Uninstall and delete a zone in Solaris 10

This is how to completely remove a non-global zone from a Solaris 10 server. For the example below the global zone is called earth and the zone we are removing is called moon.

Check the current status of the zones running on the global zone.
root@earth> zoneadm list -cv
global running / native shared
moon running /export/zones/moon native shared

If the zone is running, then run the following command to shutdown the zone.
root@earth> zoneadm -z moon haltNote - You can also login to the zone and shut it down from inside the zone.

After the zone is shutdown it should be in the installed state. Run the command below to uninstall the zone.root@earth> zoneadm -z moon uninstall

Then you delete the zone with the command below.
root@earth> zonecfg -z moon delete

The site below also has a nice how to for removing zones.