Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make Firefox load ILOM pages

I had this issue where Firefox wouldn't load ILOM pages right. I've also noticed that I'm not the only one with this issue. So I'm posting this little how-to for people who are still struggling with this. Basically the content section of the ILOM webpage will not display.

For those who don't know ILOM stands for Integrated Lights Out Manager. It is a web interface that helps you remotely manage servers. This interface is good for monitoring hardware issues and can can send out SNMP traffic. The ILOM can also give you console access. Meaning that you get a console or window that stays connected even during a reboot. Basically it is as if you are physically standing in front of the server with a keyboard and monitor.

Each user will have to add the following file to their home directory.
In ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile_id.default/chrome add a file called userContent.css@media print {

@namespace url(;
#mainpage { visibility: visible !important; }

Note - The profile_id.default will be the only file with .default at the end in the firefox directory. You may have to create the chrome directory.

I originally posted this fix at the forum linked to below, under the user name cyberninja.
I also provided this fix to Oracle tech support and if you put in a trouble ticket to My Oracle Support this is the solution they will provide you. So in other words, this is the Oracle supported fix.

I have a second part to this post, where I fix a connection issue between the chassis and their blades.