Friday, June 22, 2018

How to setup Claymore on EthOS

Today I’m showing you how to setup the Claymore dual miner on EThOS. Ethos is Linux based operating system specially designed to mine cryptocurrency. In the examples we are going to dual mine Callisto (CLO) and SmartCash (SMART), but Claymore can be used to mine any number of coins. The reason I make this video was because EthOS has changed the what configuration files you can use. The local.conf or remote.conf files are still the most important files for mining on EthOS, but we used to be able to supplement these files with stub files. I go over the new way to do things now that the stub files are no longer an option. Now we have to use the flags option to this in local.conf. I also go over some advanced settings.

Below I have included the a copy of the file I used in the video. Remember to replace my info with your info.

Example files Local.conf
globalminer claymore
stratumproxy enable
proxywallet 0x33496bf2654acbdbe501accc9393790707e89ad3
proxypool1 stratum+tcp://
poolpass1 x
proxypool2 stratum+tcp://
poolpass2 x

dualminer enabled
dualminer-coin keccak
dualminer-wallet SaMXJJ4CjFRDVwJceAEQfE2QfUMKuRpiGt
dualminer-poolpass1 x

claymore=flags -eworker trio -dcri 8,8,8 -colors 1 -allpools 1
To add failover pools for the 2nd coin edit this file: /opt/miners/claymore/dpools.txt 

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