Friday, January 4, 2013

Make Firefox load ILOM pages, part II

Fig 1. ILOM Certificate error
This is part two of my Make Firefox load ILOM pages. The first post was how to get Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) to load right using Firefox. Part one is focused on getting the ILOM to display properly on a blade or a normal server. This post focuses on getting the ILOM page for the chassis to work.

The issue is when you have logged into the ILOM on the chassis and then try to connect to a individual blade. Figure one shows the error that comes up when you try to connect. Basically the certificate is not excepted by Firefox because it is self-signed.

Fig 2. The fix

This happens when you connect to the blade directly, via the ILOM interface. The issue here is that the button that usually appears that allows you to except the certificate is not there. To get it to where you can load the certificate you need to load the the page outside of the frame. You do this by right clicking on the frame. In the menu select. This Frame and click on Show Only this Frame.

At this point the frame will appear outside the frame. Accept the certificate to load the blades LOM page. To get the frame back go back 2 pages in Firefox. The ILOM page should look like figure 3 when your done. Do this for each blade you need access too.
Fig 3. Finished product

Why does this matter? If you can access the blades ILOM directly then accessing them though the chassis may not be an issue for you. But lets say you don't have your blade cabled up. Many work places don't allow you to connect servers to the network that have not been hardened first. By having the a way to get to the server remotely via the ILOM chassis you can build the server in place and then connect the server to the network after you harden the blade. It is also a good practice to have the ILOMs on there own network.

I can't take credit for this fix. I got this fix from My Oracle Support which means that this is the oracle supported fix. I hope this helps someone. Please feel free to comment below.